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Pigeon Safety Nets
Pigeon Safety Nets
Pigeon Safety Nets
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Pigeon Safety Nets
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Pigeon Safety Nets
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Pigeon Safety Nets
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Pigeon Safety Nets
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Welcome to Hennur Pigeon Nets

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Mr. Vijay, an experienced technical graduate from a reputable college in Bangalore and a veteran in the field of net repair, founded Hennur Safety Nets.

  • A Huge Collection of Material
  • Most Reliable Nets at Best Prices
  • We can provide customised and modified safety nets for each of our manufactured products.

Heenur Safety Nets

Having issues with pigeons and having bird dirt on your balconies?

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100% Pigeon Free Solutions

Netting is the Best Option to Prevent Bird Threats.

Complete Pigeon Control Solutions | Residential Pigeon Netting | Industrial Pigeon Netting | Anti Pigeon Spikes.


Providing Quality Pigeon Safety Nets

Superior Quality Nets | Friendly & Quality Services | Professional Team | Available for 24/7 hours

Balcony safety nets are installed to provide safety and well-being at home, protecting kids, adults, pets, and things that may fall from heights, such as terraces, balconies, windows, doors, stairs, and swimming pools. Balcony nets assist us in protecting both people and property.

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Pigeons and other birds cause us a number of difficulties in areas including hospitals, factories, apartments, and hotels. Our team’s expertise are skilled in producing netting and placing personnel. Because balconies are a popular spot for relaxing, pigeon netting are mandatory on all balconies.

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We specialise in installing glass building safety nets, which shield the glass on the exterior. Glass safety nets are used to prevent such things from happening in glass buildings that cost a lot of money if there is a demonstration taking place next to them.

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Children Safety Nets in Hennur

Almost all windows, balconies, staircases, and public areas should be child-proofed. Keep your home secure for infants and young children while taking in some fresh air. If you want to add another layer of balcony safety nets, think about putting limits on the balcony doors to stop kids from going out onto the balcony by themselves.

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Duct area safety nets are intended to close the vacant space between two apartment building blocks. Birds mostly congregate in duct regions, which pollute building grounds. which offers highly respected professionals to cover the area of your ducts.

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We provide monkey safety nets in Heenur

To prevent monkeys from entering our area, monkey safety nets are used. The size of the monkey safety nets is substantial. Monkeys typically play in the stem and root of trees. Monkeys will cause you a lot of disruption if the tree touches our building’s balcony or terrace.

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With our bird spikes and pigeon spikes, we can bird-proof your home or place of business using the most cutting-edge bird-threat solutions now available. No harm is ever done to birds by bird spikes. Given how environmentally friendly it is, it is fairly well-liked.

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Life safety is a top consideration in all building projects, no matter how big, whether it’s a new house or a major business site. Apart from being a top concern, maintaining staff safety also includes maintaining site health and safety regulations.

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A sports net can be used to make a safer zone out of a small space. If they are divided by nets, several cricket pitches can be built in a specific space. On the terraces of buildings or in enclosed areas, nets can be used to prevent balls from endangering people or property.

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Industrial safety nets are intended to safeguard personnel from product damage in warehouses or storage spaces. For stacked items on storage racks and shelves in warehouses, we provide a strong load containment barrier.

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To prevent the coconuts from hitting people or cars Coconut safety nets are a possibility. The sturdy nets we offer are of great quality and prevent the fall of coconuts onto people, highways, or any type of vehicle. If there are coconut trees around your home, office, flats, or malls, they can be useful for preventing danger and ensuring people’s safety.

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Children at home and in kindergarten are the major audiences for stair safety nets. Children are kept from falling thanks to the staircase. We can give children our complete attention throughout the day, yet accidents can occur in schools for a variety of reasons.

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Our Testimonials

Professional communication. On time arrival and did it neatly.
Very good price and good quality of net. Did it fast too. Very happy with the work. Hope the quality of net sustains long. Highly recommended.
Thank you.

Sunil Jainar

1.Very good workmanship
2. Right on time and immediate attention
3. Very fast installation.. Completed in an hour for both bolocnies

krishna Sai Anil Kumar

Excellent work by Deepa pigeon safety nets. Super happy with the result. Had a huge pigeon problem, All resolved thanks to them!!

Varun Suresh

Very good service by Mr. Vijay and team in installing the pigeon nets in our balcony in Bangalore. He is very professional and gives the best prices. He also provides after installation repairs and maintenance sevices.
Will highly recommend him.

Prashasti Dwivedi

Work is done, Guys are very knowledgeable and advise their idea how to fix net in a convenient way totally good service.

Karthik R

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